Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Lest you forgot to....

Did you smell the grass today ?
No, really. Did you find time to walk by a park a take a long deep breath inhaling the smell of grass and earth ? And smile because you had forgotten that smell !?

Did you drop an old friend you were once inseparable with, separated by time, work, commitments or maybe even countries a text today ? Just a simple "Hi, how are you ?".
And no, creep texting or stalking your ex doesn't count !

Did you do something stupid today?
Not "haha I'm so silly" stupid but embarrassingly "kill me now" stupid ?

Did you laugh at something so hard you almost felt your stomach in your throat ?

Did you forgive someone ?

Did you try to make someone else's day better, with no matter how small a gesture?

Did someone smile because of you?

Did you greet a stranger?

Did you make a loved one happy?

If it's raining, did you try catching rain drops ? If it's sunny, did you try staring at the sun from in between your fingers and look away just before it blinds you ?

Did you tell your parents that you love them?

Did you order something new instead of just the regular at your favourite restaurant today ?

Did you make funny faces at a baby till he burst into a toothless giggle?

Did you pray for someone else today? Or if you're an atheist, did you genuinely wish someone well today ?

Did you make yourself happy today?
Not the doing-something-good-for-someone-else happy but the selfish, unapologetic doing-something-for-yourself-to-make-you-happy, happy ? Perhaps go shopping without a reason and splurge on that top you don't need-need but want-need or find time to start re-reading your favourite book or write a little or just take a break and relax with a cup of tea in your favourite mug or something, anything else that makes you intensely happy even if for a moment !?

Do you at least have one story to tell from today ? Like, give you're friend a call and start with " you won't believe what happened today...." or perhaps, " hey guess what I did today...." ?!

So, what I am asking you is, did you LIVE today ?

Or did work, family, meetings, appointments, picking up groceries, paying bills and other responsibilities bury you too much ?

If it did, apologise to yourself and start again tomorrow. Make yourself a promise. A promise to live, not just survive through the day. Only you have the right to decide how your day will be. So choose to live today, tomorrow, everyday.
Because one day there will be no tomorrow and today will be all you have. Live enough everyday to be able to look back on all your yesterdays on that day and smile, content and proud that you have used up all of your life and no one could have done it better.