Saturday, 28 January 2017

Why I didn't laugh...

I don’t blame you
I really don’t
I am not angry at you
I am really not
You didn’t hurt me
You really didn’t
But when you made that joke
That joke that you had made
A hundred times before
And I had laughed
A hundred times before
Because I thought it was funny
I really did
Only this time I didn’t laugh
And it wasn’t your fault
Just that your joke
Sounded eerily similar
To the voices in my head
That I had silenced
A hundred times before
At 3 AMs, 2 PMs
At 7 PMs, 10 AMs
The voices that I had
Refused victory to 
A hundred times before
Lately they were getting louder
And when you made that joke
The voices laughed in my stead
And I couldn’t silence 
The deafening sound
And I couldn’t laugh over them
Even though I tried

I really couldn’t.